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Contact: Adebola Odugbemi
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Conference Information

About the conference

Date: 14th -17th June
Venue: International Conference Centre, 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, Area 11, Abuja.

The conference intends to serve as a platform for brainstorming and sharing knowledge and ideas on contemporary developments in the global aviation industry. It is also initiated to access veritable solutions which have been adopted by other key players relative to the future and growth of the industry. the conference is specifically designed to, amongst other objectives, achieve the following:

  • Offer stakeholders an opportunity to explore, deliberate and understand how technology driven innovations will change air travel in decades to come.
  • Create a forum for the exchange of relevant industry information with all critical stakeholders so that all players are guided by the same pool of principles and practices for conformity.
  • Discuss the future of the airport vis-à-vis innovations, safety and security, financing and leasing, sustainability, growth drivers, logistics etc.
  • Attract local and international investors in order to a ppr ise them with the investment opportunities in the Nigerian aviation industry.
  • Build the indigenous intellectual capacity that is required to complement and effectively manage the infrastructural developments in the industry.
  • Offer indigenous industry stakeholders a voice to express of their needs and educate others on their operations.
  • Fill a perceived vacuum in the sub-region as there are currently no similar

Advancing the Frontiers of Possibilities for Safe, Secure and Profitable Air Transport